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Difference between industrial and commercial use

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Food Machinery is an important means of value-added processing of agricultural products, value-added agricultural products and farmers' income plays a decisive role in promoting agricultural efficiency. "Eleventh Five-Year" period, is an important opportunity for China to build a well-off society in an all-round way to improve the capability of independent innovation and speed up the pace with the international standards development period, China's food machinery to upgrade the industry to upgrade.
    During this period, food machinery Su's moon cake machine manufacturing industry can not be stronger as soon as possible, in the international market competition facing the threat of being marginalized or excluded as soon as possible if you can not enhance the industry's competitiveness, the gap with developed countries will be further widening. Therefore, we should be an objective analysis of the food machinery market environment, seize this rare historical opportunity, is conducive to the healthy development of China's food machinery manufacturing industry.
    1, the market applicability analysis due to the many objects of the food industry processing, processing properties and process conditions vary, so the food machinery are required to meet the processing requirements of the final product, and the quality of food products, health and safety, nutrition and convenient with specific requirements. Therefore, food machinery in addition to the common general machinery products, also has its market suitability requirements.
    (1) the applicability of scale. The equipment is mainly divided into large, medium and small scale food processing enterprises in China. Focus on the development of national industrial policy and the requirements of the development of the industry, large production scale, small-scale manufacturing enterprises should be the law of the market economy to fend for themselves. However, China's food machinery manufacturing equipment to equipment, small business, and the use of large complete sets of equipment have plenty of imports.
    (2) technical suitability. The existing level of technology for China's food machinery mainly divided into high, medium and low level. Focus on the development of national industrial policy and the requirements of the development of the industry, high-end technical level, low-grade skill levels should not be major support will be phased out, with the development of the industry. However, the level of China's food machinery manufacturing equipment, low-grade, high-tech products currently used to rely heavily on the supply of foreign companies. (3) Seasonal applicability. A wide variety of agricultural products, many food processing is a seasonal production, such as potato processing, sweet potato processing, cassava processing, fruit processing, vegetable processing, sugar processing, and so on. For seasonal production of food machinery, must take full account of the different geographical conditions, different seasons climate and processing of products in different seasons technical requirements.
    (4) Safety applicability. Secure fit in the moon cake package filling machine with mechanical safety in the food processing, production and food security. First, Safety of machinery. The effect is generated by mechanical hazards resulting mechanical risk is reduced to a minimum. The second is the production safety. Sufficient to production safety, industrial hygiene, to protect the safety and health of workers in production as a precondition, the material conditions of people's safety behavior and safety in production management, production technology and equipment requirements. Food security. Including food hygiene, food quality, food and nutrition, and other related aspects.
    (5) Health applicability. Food machinery design, manufacturing process the mechanical structure Methodist cattle requirements, including product contact surfaces and non-product contact surfaces of structural materials, surface structure, cleanliness, durability, check the health requirements; For Food Machinery mechanical structure, shall determine the health risks of critical control points, to take measures to ensure the health requirements of the mechanical structure.
    (6) sets of applicability. Industrialized food processing, mostly less than a stand-alone production, but supporting the production line for the job. , Complete sets of applicability is to ensure continuous operation, balanced production, processing performance and product quality, an important part of its complete set of principles to achieve a reasonable economies of scale to meet the technical requirements as well as devices with reasonable match between the normal, so that the production line running, health and safety, reduce energy consumption and easy maintenance, advanced machine to ensure that the production line, rationality and reliability
2, the development trend analysis overview of the development trend of the international food machinery, gathered mainly to the following aspects:
    (1) The technical standards convergence. For international technical exchanges and trade coherence and coordination, the world of food processing and food machinery technical standards have to move closer to the international standard package filling machine level or EU standards, which is the importance of the field of global food machinery circumvention of technological barriers initiatives. What country does not do so, which country's food machinery manufacturing industry is inevitable disruption in international trade, which country's food machinery would not increase market competitiveness. Especially foot WTO members, enough to international standards as the basis for the development of national technical regulations, so as to strengthen the role of international standards in the harmonization of national technical regulations, to further consolidate the position of the international standards in the global production and manufacturing.
    (2) high-tech practical use. Today's food machinery market competition is mainly a technical competition, improve the technical content has been the subject of the development of food machinery manufacturing. Food machinery, through the use of high-tech to improve production efficiency, reduce energy consumption, increase yield and value-added to keep food nutrients, flavor and ensure food security. At present, the developed countries are widely applied to high-tech food machinery, which has introduced a higher technological content, more humane new equipment, new products, so that the device performance is greatly improved. Therefore, the high-tech food machinery on the grade, an important part of the upper level, with a wide range of application prospects.
    (3) The height of the device efficiency. A high degree of efficiency of food processing, mainly mechanical and electrical integration technology and optical, electrical, hydraulic and automation control technology to achieve continuous production equipment instead of batch production equipment, specialized production equipment instead of generic production equipment, production equipment by the people instead of small and medium-sized production equipment. The production line to achieve continuous production, a specialized job, automatic adjustment, large-scale operation, can significantly increase the productivity and economic efficiency. Currently, many large manufacturers of food machinery or multinational corporations, most of the development of highly automated production line, the production of large-scale production equipment, production to win the competition in the market with high efficiency.
    (4) the quality control of the entire process. Modern international food processing production methods, quality assurance focus is shifted from the traditional final product inspection to control the critical control points in the machining process, which aims: one is to reduce the process of processing operations error occurred , green bean cake machine food processing human error or equipment reduced to a minimum; based prevention in unsanitary conditions, operating environment may cause pollution or quality deterioration, to avoid mass production of substandard products caused by losses. Therefore, one of the world's food machinery technology development mainstream, is to make the food processing technology to meet the quality and safety of the entire control requirements.
    (5) The technical equipment of security. Based on global food security is worsening, the developed countries introduced a large number of quality and safety requirements of food machinery, to achieve security of the food processing start from the device itself. The way to achieve two things: First, set up a sound equipment specification: organized strictly in accordance with these technical specifications of food machinery design, manufacture and application. In these technical specifications, the most important food machinery and mechanical safety and health requirements, international food machinery research, development, manufacturing access requirements. Food Machinery of the world to be with international standards, must meet these basic requirements.

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