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Cold snacks home & abroad mostly around these products. Industry in this particular mode of cold will last a long time.

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In the United States, for example, ice cream non-fat milk dry matter and milk fat are required to reach 10%, while the corresponding requires only 2.2% protein content, fat content of more than 6%. In addition, the market is very different, the ice cream in the United States accounted for more than 90% of the total ice, while China is only about 14%, most of the so-called ice cream, accounting for about half of the total market, while 30% of the Popsicle. In view of the very general definition for the domestic ice cream, causing the industry to outside parties and foreign raw material suppliers is difficult to understand these statistics. This is why ice cream term domestic evolved into a cold drink or ice cream. Actually real ice cream consumption in China is still far below the statistical data and consumption data as the cold or the ice cream industry poured more reasonable.
    In the flavor of choice, domestic products mainly for the mainstream taste of two parties, ice cream, milk taste, and then give the vanilla, chocolate, strawberry flavor-based, in recent years, popular abroad caramel, nuts, coffee, cheese , cookies taste is also becoming more popular. Ice cream reflects the strong local characteristics, such as green beans, red beans, rice, dates, bananas and so on. Water ice by lemon, apple, orange, banana.

    Ice cream organizational structure, Asians than Westerners a habit mouthful small nuggets like creaminess of ice cream, ice cream is also fond of this may be because of the difficult economic times Popsicle Chinese people consumer emotional lasting impact. This is also the first foreign brands to enter the Chinese anticipated.

    Production and ingredients of traditional Chinese cold or ice cream exhibition in China (Tianjin) accounted for the majority of orders for small and medium-sized enterprises are mostly around these products. Industry in this particular mode of cold will last a long time.

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