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Summer ice cream pay attention to what it

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The ice cream diet taboo: 1, not to eat too much at a time Eating too much at a time, will also present adverse reactions. Children prone to cause abdominal pain, the elderly easy cause angina pectoris, the average person is easy to cause gastroenteritis, laryngospasm and nutrient deficiency, and can damage the teeth. 2, not to eat too fast Like eating too fast, is easy to affect gut blood vessels are shortened, and the partial rendering anemia, weaken the digestive function of the gastrointestinal tract and sterilization ability, promote the gastroenteritis and even the onset of hepatitis, cholecystitis, others will be because of the trigeminal nerve and Russia but was bad headaches and attack. Common gastrointestinal disease, cholecystitis, therefore, not to eat too fast, to avoid affect gut blood vessels, forming part of anemia, gastrointestinal digestive function ? and destroy

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