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Product Name:KD-22EG

Item specifics

  • Power: 6000W  
  • Voltage(V): 110/220V  
  • Features: Knead Dough  Mixing  
  • Certification: CE  
  • Accessory: Full-Size Feed Tube  
  • Capacity (Cup): 7L  
  • Product size: 105x60x85Cm  
  • NW: 58KGS  
  • Function: auto counting, turning, collecting  
  • Material: stainless steel  
  • Votage: 110/220V  
  • Production capacity: 300-1200PCS/H  
  • Heating: Electric and gas  
  • Watt: 6000W  
  • Molds size: 25MM,35MM,45MM  
  • Certificate: CE 

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